Do It For Omegle

15 Jun

Wait, I have to post during Stevenbomb?! Freaking slave drivers, all of you. FINE, while I’m still feeling emotions in the corner, enjoy some Omegle!


I overheard my teacher taking to to his boyfriend(?) about their girlfriend and what to get her for her birthday. O___O

It’s like you’re some strange cocktail of willfully ignorant and actually ignorant. How delightful.

Turn me on and I’ll play with my toys and cum for you. Just the ladies.

Oh, like Transformers?

how should i tell my fiancee im pregnant cuz i want it to be special…

Send it into Gender Of The Day, obviously?

what’s the longest you’ve stayed in contact with someone you met on omegle?

Hmm. I was once in a Human Centipede with one, so, about a week- oh, is that not what you meant?

What did Obama say to Michelle when they were not a couple ?! – ” I don’t wanna be a Obamaself” – now your can laugh

No. No, I cannot.

The only good witch is a dead witch. The Wizard of Oz is lying to you

He has been, ever since our marriage!

what do you think of social anxiety?

It made for an amazing Steven Universe episode?

Why she never starts the chat with me? I always start the chat and it always lasts more than 2 hours..

Maybe you need to more use lube- wait. No, that’s not right.

Princeton gave me admission, wtf? I just applied for fun and to meet hot girls on the campus.

Well, they do have a rather extensive “Hot Girls” program.

How do you seduce someone?

Man, how do I not?

*puts on sunglasses*

*pulls out skateboard*

*booty dances away*

*while also on the skateboard*

*hella rad*


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