Ohm – Meeeeeg – EL

11 Jul

Ninety percent certain that’s how you pronounce Omegle. Ninety two, tops. But I don’t need to know how to pronounce something to make fun of it. Just ask my French teacher.


do you like fucking guys and giving blowjobs?

What, like… at the same time? Jesus, I can barely walk and chew bubblegum, how the fuck do you expect me to pull that off?

Israel vs. Palestine

Man, the Batman Vs Superman movie has gone through a lot of rewrites, huh.

What are your thoughts on cutting?

Well, how else are you supposed to edit?

Anne Frank was a 10/10 would bang

Pssh! Who can ever get into a Belieber.

Im so emo and I dont even look like it

So, you’re… sad? Nice that we could settle that.

My mom is trans. So am I. Does this make us lesbian? I penetrate her anus cause she doesn’t have a vaginia anymore cause she’s trans

In a different world, this would shock and offend me. Oh, the days before I watched ABCs Of Death 2.

The TPP is an illegitimate authority.

… Twitch Plays Pokemon?

Why are people so thirsty here?

Because it’s Omegle, not Oasis. 


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